Medium Voltage Switchgear


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MCA is a licensed technology partner of SIEMENS (AG)
for the local design, configuration, manufacture, assembly, sale
and marketing of the SIMOPRIME Type Tested medium Voltage
Switchboard in accordance with IEC 62271-200 and VDE 0671-200.

SIMOPRIME medium-voltage switchgears from 17.5 to 24 kV offers
the perfect combination of technology, reliability, quality, and service. The air-insulated switchgears can be ideally
combined with SION vacuum circuit breakers for a truly perfect type-tested indoor installation solution.

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MCA's medium voltage product supply scope includes:

Customised medium voltage solutions

Containerised/e-housed medium voltage switchboards

MV drives and motors

Battery tripping units

Spare Simoprime trucks and other spare parts

Ring main units

Outdoor instrument transformers

Network protection and automation

Site installation

Simoprime Safety Highlights

Interlockings between high voltage door and switching devices

Rack in, rack out operations of the circuit breaker truck with high voltage door closed

Metallic, earthed shutters and partitions, partition class: PM (metallic partition)

Use of metallic, earthed shutters and partitions between the compartments

Internal arc tested design according to IEC 62271 200, 17.5 kV up to 40 kA, 1 s

Internal arc tested design according to IEC 62271 200, 24 kV, up to 25 kA, 1 s

Safe operation due to high-voltage door closed during all switching operations, including emergency manual operations

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Accessibility to compartments

Highest loss of service continuity of the switchgear (LSC2B according to IEC 62271 200) during maintenance

Use of maintenance free vacuum circuit breakers and vacuum contactors

Flexibility due to two types of withdrawable unit design – Withdrawable (cassette) type* only available up to 17.5 kV

Easy production of SIMOPRIME switchgear due to basic design without need of complex jigs and fixtures

Busbar compartment: Tool based

Switching‐device compartment: Interlock based

Connection compartment: Interlock and tool based (front access) or tool based (rear access) with optional interlock based.


Option – higher values according to Gost standards. Depending on the rated current of the HVHRC fuse installed. 60kV for the vacuum contactor. 

Switching device compartment

• All switching operations with high-voltage door closed
• Pressure relief upwards
• Panel powder-coated with epoxy based paint
• Shutter operating mechanisms separately for busbar   compartment and connection compartment
• Pressure resistant high voltage door in the event of internal arcs in the panel
• Metallic ducts on the side for laying control cables
• Interlocking between high-voltage door and circuit breaker truck ensures interlock based access
• Optional test:
– Test sockets for capacitive voltage detecting system
• Use of maintenance free vacuum circuit breakers and vacuum contactors
• Flexibility due to two types of withdrawable unit design
– Withdrawable (cassette) type* only up to 17.5kV.
– Truck type
– optional VT on truck connected to cable side.

Connection compartment

• Pressure relief upwards through rear pressure relief duct
• Suitable for connection of:
– Single-core XLPE cables up to max. 6 x 500 mm2 per phase
– Three-core XLPE cables up to max. 3 x 300 mm2 per panel
• Bars made of flat copper with bushings
• Earthing busbar
• Connection from front or rear
• Optional pressure: Pressure-resistant floor cover
• Use of block-type current transformers
• Interlock and tool-based access for panels with connection from front interlock based access.
• Tool-based access and optional interlock based access for panels with connection from rear, optional
• Coupling electrode for capacitive voltage detecting system in CT, optimal.
• Voltage transformers
– Cast-resin insulated
– Fixed-mounted, without primary fuses 
• Make-proof earthing switches with manual operating mechanism
• In addition to standard interlocking of earthing switch/ circuit breaker truck, optionally lockable or with electromagnetic interlock
• Surge arresters or limiters
– Surge arresters for protecting the switchgear against external overvoltages
– Surge limiters for protecting consumers against switching overvoltages

Busbar compartment

• Pressure relief upwards and through rear pressure relief duct
• Busbars made of flat round edge copper, bolted from panel to panel
• Bolted rear and top covers provide tool-based access
• Optional:
– Coupling electrode for capacitive voltage detecting system
– Insulated busbars and busbar bolted joints.
– Busbar transverse partition between panels

Low-voltage compartment

• For accommodation of all protection, control, measuring and metering equipment
• Partitioned safe-to-touch from the high-voltage part
• Low-voltage compartment can be removed, bus wires and control cables are plugged in
• Optional partition: Partition between panels

Voltage transformer compartment

• Voltage transformers
– Cast-resin insulated
– Fixed-mounted on withdrawable part, with primary fuses
• Optionally VT compartment to accommodate withdrawable voltage transformers, VT compartment located under VCB in switching device compartment and has a separate door which has tool based access.


• Interlocking conditions are satisfied according to
IEC 62271-200 /VDE 0671-200
• Earthing switch can only be operated with circuit breaker truck in test position. Circuit breaker truck can only be moved with circuit- breaker “OPEN” and earthing switch “OPEN”
• Coding on the LV-plug on circuit breaker. Prevents insertion of similar circuit breakers for lower rated currents into panels with higher rated currents
• Interlocking of high-voltage door against circuit breaker truck.
• The high-voltage door can only be opened when the circuit breaker truck is in test position

Low-voltage cables

• Control cables of the panel are flexible and have metallic covers for the wireways.
• Bus wires are pluggable from panel to panel
• Connection of switching device truck and panel wiring to low-voltage compartment via 64-pole coded plug connectors
simoprime, panel, mca low voltage cables, inteblocks, connection compartment, voltage transformer,
simoprime, panel, mca low voltage cables, inteblocks, connection compartment, voltage transformer,