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Containerised Substations, E-House Solutions & Modular Skids


Flexible design options, cost saving, reduces set up and relocation expenses

Containerised substation solutions for both MV and LV applications

Manufactured to engineering specifications and according to region & environmental requirements


Mobile outdoor skids for both MV and LV applications

Skid mounted containerised solutions do not require any plinths or slab preparation on site - this solution can be placed on any flat surface

Transformer skids

Mobile control rooms

3D Layout and concept design prior to manufacturing


Use of certified marine shipping containers Paint coating system according to ISO 12944-5 standards with a 20+ years corrosion resistance certification.

Metal clad flooring replaces wooden flooring

Internal Fire rated cladding

Internal soundproof cladding available on request

Fire detection and quenching systems

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MCA Modular Skid