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MCA Projects is a highly specialised electrical and instrumentation projects management team. Projects provides high quality electrical, automation and site installation solutions on time and within budget. LV switchboards, MV switchgear and sheet metal products manufactured to the highest IEC/SANS standards by our holding company MCA Pty Ltd.

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"Approaching every project from a strong project management foundation, coupled with a culture of pro-active open communication, quick decision making, and fast execution will always result in successful project solution. The key is the culture, the mindset of all employees it cannot be forced it must be nurtured towards the desired result, aligned to the correct mission, vision and values of the company. If we combine this approach to world-class product, the results will speak for themself. The only way to achieve excellence is not to measure yourself against competition it is to always strive to exceed expectation.

– Francois Fourie – Managing Director – MCA Projects

MCA Project Key

MCA Projects

Container Conversions

Specialised MS and LV Containers

E-house Solutions

Special Skid Applications

Site Installations

Automation and Control

Renewable Energy

Our Factory From The Sky: 8000m2 Under Roof Facility
Our World Class Factory From The Inside
On Site Installations
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MCA Projects offers a full range of Customized E-House,
Skids and Containerized Substations

MCA Products

Containerised Substation, E-House & Modular Skids

How we achieve excellence

To reduce start-up and commissioning time on site we offer various integrated container/e-house solutions, what we call a “Plug and Play Solution” on site. The containers can be equipped with MCC’s, VSD’s distribution panels, control panels, UPS system for both MV and LV installations. Containers/e-houses are customized according to the clients requirements; size, colour, air conditioners, insulation, doors, windows, floor, cable entry, etc.

Meet the MCA Projects Team

Our great, energetic team is headed by a skilled management group with significant industry experience.


Margie Peden

Projects/Business Admin

Jannie Cronje

EC&I Engineer

Antonie Beyl

Project Manager

Marius van Dyk

Electrical Engineer

Vaughn Scheepers

Financial Manager