SIVACON S8 – system overview

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 Circuit breaker system  Universal installation system  Fixed-mounted system
Installation systems Fixed-mounted design

Withdrawable design

Withdrawable unit design

Fixed-mounted design with compartment doors

Plug-in design

Fixed-mounted design with front covers
Functions Supply



Cable feeders

Motor outgoing feeders (MCC)

Cable feeders
Rated current up to 6,300 A up to 630 A

up to 250 kW

up to 630 A
Connection position  front or rear  front or rear  front
Section width  400; 600; 800; 1,000; 1 ,400  600; 1,000; 1,200  1,000; 1,200
Internal separation  Form 1*;2b;3a;4b;4 Type 7 (BS)  Form 2b; 3b; 4a; 4b; 4 Type 7 (BS)  Form 1*; 2b; 3b; 4a; 4b
Busbar position  rear/top  rear/top  rear/top

Overview continued

3NJ6 in-line system 3NJ4 in-line system Reactive power compensation
Plug-in design Fixed-mounted design Fixed-mounted design
Cable feeders Cable feeders Central reactive power compensation
up to 630 A up to 630A unchoked up to 600 kvar

choked up to 500 kvar

front front front
1,000; 1,200 600; 800; 1,000 800
Form 1*; 3b; 4b Form 1*; 2b Form 1*; 2b
rear/top rear Rear/top/without

An Image Of The Logstrup Busbars
An Image Of The Logstrup Busbars

The interaction of the components described below results in an optimal low voltage switchboard with advantages as regards:

  • Safety – integrated
  • Economic efficiency – right from the start
  • Flexibility – through modularity

When the system configuration is planned, the following characteristics must be specified:

  • Busbar position (top, rear top, rear bottom, or both rear top and rear bottom)
  • Single-front or double-front design
  • Cable/busbar entry (from the top or bottom)
  • Connection in cubicle (front or rear)

 Standards and approvals

Standards and regulations Power switchgear and controlgear assembly

(design verification)

EC 61439-2

DIN EN 61439-2-2

VDE 0660-600-2

Test of internal fault behaviour (internal arc) IEC/TR 61641

DIN EN 60439-1 Supplement 2

VDE 0660-500 Supplement 2

Induced vibrations IEC 60068-3-3

IEC 60068-2-6

IEC 60068-2-57

IEC 60980

KTA 2201.4

Uniform Building Code (UBC), Edition 1997 Vol. 2, Ch.

19, Div. IV

 Approvals Europe

Russia, Belarus, Kasakhstan China

CE marking and EC Declaration of Conformity



 Det Norske Veritas DNV GL Type Approval Certificate
Lloyds Register of Shipping

Shell conformity

LR Type Approval Certificate

“DEP Shell”

Technical data

Installation conditions Indoor installation, ambient temperature in the 24-h mean + 35 °C

(-5 °C to + 40 °C)

Rated operating voltage (Ue) Main circuit Up to 690 V (rated frequency  ʩ 50 Hz)
Dimensioning of creepage Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8 kV
distances and clearances Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1,000 V
Degree of pollution 3
Main busbars, horizontal Rated current Up to 7,010 A
Rated peak withstand current (Ipk) Up to 330 kA
Rated short-time withstand current (Icw) Up to 150 kA, 1s
Rated device currents Circuit-breakers Up to 6,300 A
Cable feeders Up to 630 A
Motor feeders Up to 630 A
Internal separation IEC 61439-2 Form 1 to form 4
BS EN 61439-2 Up to form 4 type 7
IP degree of protection In accordance with IEC 60529 Ventilated up to IP43 Non-ventilated IP54
Mechanical strength


IEC 62262 Up to IK10
Height (without base) 1,700; 1,800; 2,000; 2,200 mm
Height of base (optional) 100; 200 mm
Cubicle width 200; 350; 400; 600; 800; 850; 1,000; 1,200; 1,400 mm
Depth (single-front) 500; 600; 800; 1,000; 1,200 mm

Technical specifications

Technical specifications: SIVACON S8 low voltage distribution boards
Standards and specifications Power switchgear and controlgear assembly IEC 61439-2
Design verifications DIN EN 61439-2 (VDE 0660 Part 600-2)
Inspection of behaviour with internal errors (arcing faults) IEC 61641; VDE 0660 Part 500-2
Protection against electric shock DIN EN 50274; VDE 0660 Part 514
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) Main circuit Up to 1,000 V
Rated operational voltage (Ue) Main circuit Up to 690 V
Clearances in air and creepage distances Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8 kV
Overvoltage category III
Pollution degree 3
Busbars (3-pole and 4-pole)
Horizontal main busbars Rated current Up to 7,000 A
Rated impulse withstand current (Ipl) Up to 330 kA
Rated short-time withstand current (Icw) Up to 150 kA, 1s
Vertical busbars for circuit breaker system Rated current Up to 6,300 A
Rated impulse withstand current (Ipk) Up to 220 kA
Rated short-time withstand current (Icw) Up to 100 kA, 1s
Vertical busbars for universal and fixedmounted design Rated current Up to 1,600 A
Rated impulse withstand current (Ipk) Up to 143 kA
Rated short-time withstand current (Icw) Up to 65 kA*, 1s
Vertical busbars for 3NJ4 in-line system (fixed-mounted) Rated current Up to 1,600 A
Conditional rated short-circuit current (Icc) Up to 50 kA
Vertical busbars for 3NJ6 in-line system (plug-in) Rated current Up to 2,100 A
Rated impulse withstand current (Ipk) Up to 110 kA
Rated short-time withstand current (Icw) Up to 50 kA*, 1s
Device rated currents Circuit breaker 3WL/3VL Up to 6,300 A
Cable feeders Up to 630 A
Motor outgoing feeders Up to 250 kW
Internal separation IEC 61439-2, Section 8.101, Form 1 to Form 4
VDE 0660 Part 600-2, 8.101
BS EN 61439-2 To Form 4 Type 7
BS EN 61439-2 To Form 4 Type 7
Surface treatment (Coating in accordance with DIN 43656)
Frame parts, bases Sendzmir-galvanized
Doors Powder-coated
Side panels Powder-coated
Back panels, roof plates Sendzimir-galvanized
Ventilation roof (IPX1, IPX2) Powder-coated
Standard colour of the powder-coated parts RAL 7035, light grey or customer requirement
(Coating thickness 100 ± 25 μm) Design parts: Blue Green Basic
IP degree of protection In accordance with IEC/EN 60529 IP30; IP31; IP40; IP41; IP42; IP54
Dimensions Preferred dimensions in accordance with DIN 41488
Height (without base): 2,000; 2,200 mm
Width 200; 350; 400; 600; 800; 850
Depth (single-fronted): 500; 600; 800 mm
Depth (double-fronted): 1,000; 1,200 mm

Fixed-mounted design Technical specifications

Installation system Fixed-mounted design with front panels
Functions Cable feeders
Rated current up to 630 A
Connection position Front
Section width(mm) 1,000; 1,200
Internal separation Form 1*; 2b;  4a; 4b
Busbar position top, rear top and/or rear bottom

Busbar ratings

Rating of the main busbar this table lists the rating data for the two possibilities how to position the main busbar — top or rear—Ambient tempearture must be observed in respect of the carrying capacity.

 Top busbar position
Rated current In at 35˚C ambient temperature
Ventilated Non-ventilated  Rated short-time withstand current Icw  (1 s)
 1,190 A  965 A  35 kA
 1,630 A  1,310 A  50 kA
 1,920 A  1,480 A  65 kA
 2,470 A  1,870 A  85 kA
 3,010 A  2,250 A  100 kA
 3,270 A  2,450 A  100 kA
 3,700 A 1)  3,000 A 1)  100 kA
 4,660 A 1)  3,680 A 1)  100 kA
 5,620 A 1)  4,360 A 1)  150 kA
 6,300 A 1)  4,980 A 1)  150 kA
 1) If circuit-breakers with a very high power loss are used, the following correction factors must be applied:

3WL1350: 0,95

WL1363: 0,88

 Rated current In at 35˚C ambient temperature
Ventilated Non-ventilated Rated short-time withstand current I)1s)
 1,280 A  1,160 A  50 kA
 1,630 A  1,400 A  65 kA
 2,200 A  1,800 A  65 kA
 2,520 A  2,010 A  85 kA
 2,830 A  2,210 A  100 kA
 3,170 A  2,490 A  100 kA
 4,000  3,160 A  100 kA
 4,910 A 2)  3,730 A 2)  100 kA
 5,340 A 2)  4,080 A 2)  100 kA
 5,780 A 2)  4,4480 A 2)  100 kA
 7,010 A 2)  5,440 A 2)  150 kA
1 ) When operating two systems per cubocle at the same time busbar position rear top and rear bottom), a reduction fcator has to be considered:

for ventilated boards: 0,94

for unventilated boards: 0,98

2)  Busbar position rear top or rear bottom


Main busbar , horizontal

Frames, Enclosures & Busbars

The SIVACON S8 power distribution board  combines a cost-efficient design with  excellent quality.

covers and base panels are powder-coated or lacquered.panels and floor plates are sendzimir- galvanized. Doors, as standard. The surfaces of frame components, bases, rear additional safety. Section-to-section separation is provided pivoted lever lock. The roof plates feature pressure relief for various locking systems such as double bit fastener or either simple or central locking and can be fitted with with ease. The doors are available withuniversal door hinge allows for the hinge side to be changed ed doorlocking system offers maximum safety: the The patentexpansion.Circumferential rows of holes allow for individualstable, screw-fastened sheet steel profiles.the bearing components of the section are made from the SIVACON S8 meets every demand. The frame and all of ly and appealing: the intelligent design of Safe, user-friendSafety and functionalitya cost-efficient design with  excellent quality.The SIVACON S8 power distribution board  combines


  • High level  of personal safety thanks to the patented door locking system
  • Arrangement of busbar positions suitable for the application
  • High level of flexibility thanks to variable busbar systems up to 7 ,000 A

Systematic flexibility

Whether your need is for simple systems or extensive networks with transversal and longitudinal couplers, SIVACON S8 offers you all the flexibility you need. The busbars can be positioned at either the top or the rear and, if required, two busbar systems can also be integrated in a power distribution board. The shipping splits are easily accessible from the front or the top. The busbar connections require zero maintenance.

technical specifications

 Frame  Door opening angle  125˚; 180˚ with stand-alone design
 Frame height  1,700; 1,800; 2,000; 2,200mm
 Base height  100; 200mm
 Degree of protection in accordance with IEC 60529


 Main busbars  Rated currents up to 7,000 A
 Rated impulse up to 330 kA
 withstand current(Iplk) up to 150 kA
 Rated short-time withstand current(Icw)

An Image Of The Logstrup Busbars
An Image Of The Logstrup Busbars

Variable busbar positions and stable sheet steel profiles offer maximum safety and flexibility

Sectional design

An Image Of The Logstrup Busbar assembly

 Enclosure  Busbars  Internal separation
Roof plate (IPX1) 11) Main busbar (L1… L3, N) – top 18) Device compartment/busbar compartment
 2) Rear panel 12) Main busbar (L1… L3, N) – rear top 19) Cubicle to cubicle
 3) Design side panel 13) Main busbar (L1… L3, N) – rear bottom 20) Compartment to compartment
 4) Frame 14) Main busbar (PE) – bottom 21) Cross-wiring compartment
 5) Cover 15) Distribution busbar system (L1… L3, N) device compartment
 6) Base 16) Distribution busbar (PE) cable connection compartment
 7) Ventilated base compartment cover 17) Distribution busbar (N) cable compartment
 8) Ventilated section door
 9) Compartment door
 10) Head room door

Withdrawable units

  • Space-saving assembly thanks to the combination of various installation systems
  • High level of personal safety, even in the event of a fault,  thanks to closed front doors in all withdrawable unit positions (connected, test, disconnected positions)
  • Long service life thanks to patented, low wear contact system


A Graphic Of A Logstrup Fixed Panel
A Graphic Of A Logstrup Fixed Panel

The withdrawable unit design, which can be individually combined as required, is ideally suited to situations with frequently changing requirements.

A Graphic Of A Logstrup Fixed Panel

The SIVACON S8 power distribution board can be ideally adapted to fit the space available.

Cubicle height
 Frame  1,800; 2,000; 2,200mm
 Base  Without, 100; 200mm
 Cubicle width
Dependent of: Cubicle type

Rated device current

Connecting position and/or cable/busbar entry

Cubicle depth
 Main busbar  Cubicle depth
 Type  Location  Rated current  Front connection  Rear connection
 Entry from the bottom  Entry from the top
 Single front  Top  3,270A  500; 800mm  800mm  800mm
 6,300 A1)  800; 1,000mm  1,200mm  1,200mm
 Rear  4,000 A  600mm  600mm
 7,010 A  800mm  800mm
 Double front  Rear  4,000 A  1,000mm  1,000mm
7,010A1)  1,200mm  1,200mm

Withdrawable units – features

A Graphic Of A Logstrup Fixed Panel

Patented low-wear withdrawable unit contact system for long  service life

A Graphic Of A Logstrup Fixed Panel

Miniature withdrawable units up to 63 A or 30 kW. Up to 48 withdrawable units per section  for space-saving installation

A Graphic Of A Logstrup Fixed Panel

Shutter with double-action for standard and miniature  withdrawable units for a high level of personal safety

Logstrup Fixed Panel

Arc-resistant section  busbar embedding for a high level of personal and system safety

Logstrup Fixed Panel

Lockable disconnected position for safe commissioning and maintenance

Logstrup Fixed Panel

Optional withdrawable unit coding (up to 9,216 options) or the clear assignation of  withdrawable units

Universal installation system

Technical specifications

 Installation system  Withdrawable unit design, fixed-mounted design with compartment doors, plug-in design
 Functions  Cable feeders, motor outgoing feeders (MCC)
 Rated current In  up to 630 A, up to 250 kW
 Connection position  front and rear
 Section width(mm)  600; 1,000; 1,200
 Internal separation  Form 2b; 3b; 4a; 4b; 4 Type 7 (BS)
 Busbar position  top, rear top and/or rear bottom

Logstrup Fixed Panel Industrial usage

Safe and integrated power distribution with flexible application options for industrial plants.

Logstrup Fixed Panel Industrial usage 2
Logstrup Fixed Panel Industrial usage 3

Withdrawable units (MCC), fixed-mounted outgoing feeders and in-line switch disconnectors with LV HRC fuses 3NJ6 can be combined.

Reactive power compensation

Save costs with the intelligent SIVACON S8 technology

Cost-efficient system

In a network, reactive power is caused by inductive linear loads, such as motors, transformers or reactors, and inductive, non-linear loads, such as converters, welding apparatus, arc furnaces or UPS systems. The sections for central reactive power compensation relieve transformers and cables, reduce transmission losses and therefore save energy. Depending on the load structure, the reactive power compensation is equipped with choked or unchoked capacitor subassemblies. The controller subassembly has an electronic reactive power controller for door installation. The C/k value setting takes place automatically. The multifunction display is also used to set and display various parameters. The desired target cos phi can be set from 0.8 ind to 0.8 cap. Network parameters such as U, l, f, cos phi, P, S, Q, harmonics are displayed. The capacitor subassembly (up to 200 kvar) with MKK  capacitors has a fuse switch disconnector, capacitor contactors, discharge devices and filter reactors. The switch disconnector subassembly can optionally be used for the central safety isolation of the integrated capacitor subassemblies.

Logstrup Fixed Panel open

Reactive power compensation for cost-efficient power supply.

Logstrup Fixed Panel Closed

Sections for the central reactive power compensation relieve transformers and cables and reduce transmission losses.

Logstrup Motor Control

Whether for industrial applications or infrastructure, energy costs can be lowered thanks to the reactive power compensation.

Technical specifications
Installation system  Fixed-mounting
Functions  Central reactive power compensation
Rated current In  unchoked up to 600 kvar, choked up to 500 kvar
Capacitive reactive powerQ  Degree of choking: without 5.67 % ;  7 %;  14%
Connection position  front
Section width(mm)

Internal separation


Form 1*; 2b

 Busbar position  top, rear top and/or rear bottom

Design verifications

Design specifications
 Verification through testing  Verification through calculation  Verification through engineering rules
 1. Strength of materials and parts  ✓  –  ✓
 2. Degree of protection of enclosures  ✓  –  ✓
 3. Clearances in air and creepage distances  ✓  ✓  ✓1
4. Protection against electric shock and

integrity of protective circuits

 ✓  ✓1  ✓
 5. Incorporation of switching devices and components  –  ✓
 6. Internal electric circuits and connection  –  ✓
 7. Terminal for external conductors  –  ✓
 8. Dielectric properties  ✓  –  ✓2
 9. Temperature-rise limits  ✓  up to 1,600 A  up to 630 A3
 10. Short-circuit withstand strength  ✓  conditional 3  conditional 3
 11. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)  ✓  –  ✓
 12. Mechanical operation  ✓  –  –

  1. Effectiveness of the switchgear and controlgear assembly when external faults occur
  2. Impulse voltage withstand only
  3. Compared with a construction already tested

Verification of temperature rise

One of the most important verifications is the “Verification of temperature rise”. This verifies that the power distribution board is fit for purpose when the temperature rises due to power loss. In view of the ever increasing rated currents, together with higher requirements relating to degree of protection and internal separation, this is one of the greatest challenges in the power distribution board industry. This verification can be carried out by means of  calculation for rated currents up to 1,600 A; for rated currents from 1,600 A, this verification must be performed by means of testing. Rules governing the selection of the test item (worst-case test) and the testing of complete switchgear and control gear assemblies ensure that there is systematic coverage of the entire product range and that the verification always includes the devices. Testing items selected at random is therefore inadequate, as is the replacement of a device without repeating testing.

Project checklist

Standards and specifications

IEC 61439-1/2 / EN 61439-1/2

VDE 0660 Part600-1/2

IEC 61641/VDE 0660 Part 500-2 arc resistance

Level 1 Personal safety

Level 3 Restriction to functional compartment

Insulated main busbar

Level 2 Restriction to one section

Level 4 Restrication to site of origin

Operating conditions  standard (interior climate3K4)  special  corrosive gases (e.g. H2S)
Ambient temperature

(24-hour average

 20˚C  25˚C  30˚C  35˚C  40˚C  45˚C  50˚C
Installation altitude above sea level  ≤ 2,000m  other
IP degree of protection
Against the interior  Section ventilated  IP30  IP31  IP40  IP41  IP42
Section non- ventilated  IP54
Against cable base  IP00  IP30  IP40  IP54
 manufacturer-provided  customer-provided
Aggravated operating conditions  none  earthquake-proof  other
Control cabinet heating  no  yes

 Mains data/Infeed data

 Mains type  TN-C  TN-S  TN-C-S  IT  TT

External connection

 L1; L2; L3; PEN  L1; L2; L3. PE +N  ZEP (PEN + PE)  other:
 3-pole switchable  4-pole switchable
 Transformer rated power Sr  kVA  Rated short-circuit voltage Uz  %
 Rated operational voltage Ue  V  Frequency f  Hz
 Rated short-time withstand current Icw  kA  Short-circuit withstand current Ik with DC  kA

Horizontal busbar system

 Position  top  rear(top)  rear (bottom)
 Rated current In  A  A  A
 CU treatment  blank  silver-plated    PEN, N=50%  tin-plated
 AC design L1; L2; L3+….  PEN  PE  N  PEN; N=50%  PEN; N=100%
 DC design  220 V; L+; L-;PE  24V; L+; M(L-)

Vertical busbar system

 CU treatment  blank  silver-plated  tin-plated
 AC design L1; L2; L3 +….  PEN  PE  N  PEN; N=50%  PEN; N=100%
 DC design  220 V; L+; L-; PE  24 V; L+;M(L-)  Other conditions

Layout and installation

Installation type Single-fronted  back to back  Double-fronted
Restriction of total length  none  yes  mm
Max. net length per transport unit 2,400mm  mm
Cable/busbar connection
With  incoming sections  from below  from above  from the rear
With outgoing sections  from below  from above  from the rear


 Internal separation in accordance with IEC 61439-2; DIN EN 61439-2; VDE 0660 Part 600-2; BS EN61439-2
 Circuit breaker system  Form 1  Form 2b  Form3a  Form 4b  Form 4 Type 7
 Universal installaion system  Form 2b  Form 3b  Form 4a  Form 4b  Form 4 Type 7
 Fixed-mounted design  Form 1  Form 2b  Form 3b  Form 4a  Form 4b
 Fixed-mounted 3NJ4 in-line design  Form 1  Form 2b
 Plug-in 3NJ6 in-line design  Form 1  Form 3b  Form 4b
 Reactive power compensation  Form 1  Form 2b


The information provided in this brochure contains descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. All product names may be brand names of Siemens Ltd or another supplier whose use by third-parties for their own purposes may violate the owner’s rights.

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