Sivacon Low Voltage Switchboards

Setting New Standards.
IEC / SANS 61439-2 | IEC 62271-200

MCA is an official licensed partner of SIEMENS (AG) Pty Ltd LOW VOLTAGE DIVISION for the local design, manufacture, assembly, sale and marketing of SIVACON ASSEMBLIES, Type Tested in accordance with IEC 61439-2.

This agreement in conjunction with our SIMOPRIME Medium Voltage license-Type Tested to IEC 62271-200, provides MCA with the ability to provide turnkey solutions for most applications. Our engineers have been trained by SIEMENS qualified personnel in GERMANY to ensure the highest level of technical competence for the local manufacture of these products.

Our investment in machinery and tooling provides the latest technology, accuracy and repeatability to meet the strict requirements of the latest IEC standards.


Low Voltage Applications

Our scope includes:

  • Medium voltage switchgear
  • Low Voltage Assembly
  • PLC / Scada
  • Power Factor Correction
  • UPS And Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Plant Automation
  • Medium Voltage Drives and Motors
  • Low Voltage Drives And Motors
  • Containerised solutions and E houses

Sivacon S8 – system overview

Advantages of modular design

Every SIVACON S8 switchboard is manufactured of demand oriented, standardised, and series-produced modules. All modules are tested and of a high quality. Virtually every requirement can be satisfied due to the manifold module combination possibilities.

Adaptations to new performance requirements can easily and rapidly be implemented by replacing or adding modules.

The advantages offered by this modular concept are clear:

  • Verification of safety and quality for every switchboard
  • Fulfilment of each and every requirement profile combined with the high quality of series production
  • Easy placement of repeat orders and short delivery time

SIVACON S8 can be used at all application levels in the low-voltage network

  • Power center or secondary unit substation
  • Main switchboard or main distribution board
  • Sub-distribution board
  • Motor control center
  • Distribution board for installation devices or industrial use

Design side panel

Sivacon-panel 2

Standardized labelling system for sections and feeders


Variable busbar positions, top up to 6300A


Variable busbar positions, rear up to 7 000A (top and/or bottom)


Locking system for simple or central locking


Lockable pivoted lever system

The interaction of the components described below results in an optimal low voltage switchboard with advantages as regards:

  • Safety – integrated
  • Economic efficiency – right from the start
  • Flexibility – through modularity

When the system configuration is planned, the following characteristics must be specified:

  • Busbar position (top, rear top, rear bottom, or both rear top and rear bottom)
  • Single-front or double-front design
  • Cable/busbar entry (from the top or bottom)
  • Connection in cubicle (front or rear)

Safe and intelligent distribution power

The Cost-efficient system

The SIVACON S8 low voltage power distribution board sets new standards as a power distribution board or Motor Control Center (MCC) for industrial applications or in infrastructure. The power distribution board system up to 7,000 A for the simple and consistent distribution of power guarantees maximum personal and system safety and, thanks to its optimal design, offers a wide range of possible uses. Thanks to the modular technology, the power distribution board can be optimally adapted to every requirement when designing the complete system. With its combination of maximum safety and a modern design, the system offers a highly cost efficient solution.

Tested safety

The SIVACON S8 stands for the highest level of safety. The low voltage power distribution board is a design tested power switchgear and controlgear assembly with a design verification based on testing. Evidence of its physical properties has been provided in the product testing department under both operating and fault conditions. An arcing-resistant locking system also ensures maximum personal safety. Furthermore, even with the standard design, verification of testing under arcing conditions is in accordance with IEC/TR61641.

Flexible solutions

The SIVACON S8 low voltage power distribution board is the intelligent solution which can be adapted to match your requirements. The well thoughtout design of the system allows it to be integrated perfectly into a modern room concept. The section, either single or double fronted, can be installed together with a main busbar system or back-to-back with a separate main busbar system. Different installation designs can be combined in one section with ease. The flexible, modular technology allows for the simple exchange or addition of functional units. The SIVACON S8 modular components undergo a continuous innovation process, thereby ensuring the highest possible level of technical progress for the complete system.


IEC/SANS 61439-2 compliant

SIVACON S8 – standard-compliant, design verified low voltage power distribution board

Essential fit for purpose verifications in accordance with IEC61439.

Requirement of standard IEC 61439-2

Low voltage power distribution boards or standard assemblies are developed, manufactured and approved in accordance with the specifications of

IEC 61439-1/2 (VDE0660 Part 600-1/-2). In order to provide evidence that the power distribution board is fit for purpose, this standard requires two main forms of verification – the design verification and the routine verification. The design verification involves tests carried out during the development process and this is the responsibility of the original manufacturer (developer). A routine verification must be performed on every manufactured power distribution board prior to delivery by the manufacturer ofthe power switchgear and control gear assembly.

Design verification through testing

The SIVACON S8 power distribution board offers safety for human beings and plants by design verification by verification tests in accordance with IEC 61439-2. The physical properties are designed in the product testing department for operational and fault conditions and guarantee maximum system and personal safety. The design verification and the routine verification are a vital component of quality assurance and are the prerequisite for CE marking in accordance with EC directives and legislation.


  • Saftey for human beings and plants by design verification by verification tests in accordance with IEC 61439-2
  • Maximum quality assurance through design verification and routine verification
  • Testing aways carried out on the complete system with all devices

Fixed-mounted design

Fixed-mounted design with front covers allows for the cost-efficient installation of high-rating tap-off units and the assembly of modular installation devices.

Safe and cost-efficient

If the exchange of components under operating conditions is not required, or if short downtimes are acceptable, then the SIVACON S8 fixed-mounted system offers a safe and cost-efficient solution. The system is designed for cable feeders up to 630 A. Individual functional subassemblies can be combined in the modular technology as desired, therefore offering you all the flexibility that you need.

Add-on modules enable functional compartments to be subdivided as required (up to form 4b). The hinged masking frame also guarantees simple commissioning and maintenance. The cables are routed at the right side of the section in a cable connection compartment with a choice of width of either 400 mm or 600 mm. Cable brackets are provided here for fastening the cables.

Flexible and space-saving

The vertical section busbars are arranged at the rear left of the section. The profile bar or flat copper design allows for tapoffs in the smallest of grids. Connections to the section busbars by means of cables, wires or busbars are also possible without any need for drilling or punching. This guarantees maximum flexibility, both at the outset and for later expansions.


With many industrial applications, the exchange of components under operating conditions is not required.


The aluminium multi-profile bar allows for the simple assembly of modular installation devices.


The front panels in the fixed-mounted design section are easy to fit and provide a uniform front surface.

Universal installation system

The motor control centers in the universal design offer flexible solutions to meet all requirements in industrial plants.

Benefits of flexible combinations Many applications require a space-saving design of a power distribution board. In such cases, an ideal solution is therefore to combine various installation systems in one section. The SIVACON S8 universal installation system offers you safety, together with maximum flexibility and cost efficiency in one system. It allows tap-off units in withdrawable design and fixed-mounted system, as well as plug-in tap-off units in the 3NJ62 in-line system. When requirements are constantly changing, e.g. changes in motor rating or the connection of new loads, the withdrawable unit design offers you the flexibility that you need. Safe and simple handling means that modifications can be carried out quickly, thereby ensuring a high level of system availability.

Safe power distribution

The section busbar system is arranged at the rear of the universal installation system section. It offers test finger safety (IP20B) to live parts, even without additional shutters. As an option, the plug-in busbar system can be embedded with arcing fault resistance and can be fitted with a shutter with a double-action system. The tap openings are arranged in a 50 mm modular grid.


Arc resistance

The SIVACON S8 power distribution board offers evidence of personal and system safety, thanks to testing under arc conditions.

Personal and system protection

The efficiency of production plants depends very much on the reliability of the power supply. Low voltage power distribution boards play a key role in this regard. An arcing fault is one of the most dangerous faults, associated with the most serious consequences, which can occur in a power distribution board, and it can also damage adjacent tap-off units, sections or the entire system. Arcing faults can be caused by incorrect dimensioning and reductions in insulation due to contamination etc., but they can also be the result of handling errors. The effects, resulting from high pressure and extremely high temperatures, can have fatal consequences for the operator, the system and even the building. However, you can rely on the safety offered by SIVACON S8. Testing of low voltage power distribution boards under arcing fault conditions is a special test in accordance with IEC/TR61641 or VDE 0660 Part 500-2. Even in its standard design, SIVACON S8 offers evidence of personal safety through testing under arcing fault conditions.


Arc resistance measures are an integral component of the SIVACON S8 system.

Safety – the primary objective

Active protection measures such as the high quality insulation of live parts (e.g. busbars), standardized and simple operation, integrated operating error protection and reliable switchboard dimensions preventing arcing, and thus personal injury.


The most serious accidents which occur during work with low voltage power distribution boards are those caused by arcing faults.


The arcing fault barrier restricts the effects to one section when an arcing fault occurs.


Insulated main busbars prevent the occurrence of arcing.


The SIVACON S8 restricts or prevents the occurrence of arcing faults.

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